Monday, 5 August 2013

The greatest problem...

Greetings Earthlings!

Today I am going to talk about my home country Portugal. Not only bad things, as I usually do, because I am not that blind, though I have my reasons to do so. 
I have been following Portugal news, and as usual, it does not stop mesmerizing me. Let's topic the last events:
  • Minister of Finances Gaspar quit his position. Good. What took you so long? Then, I red some disturbing news that, according to journalists, might have something to do with this sudden quit: He and his wife were shopping and got spitted by some people who were also in the same supermarket. What? Really?? What's wrong with you people? Do you think spitting on the face of the minister would actually resolve anything? Well, apparently it did. So, we, humble portuguese people should carry a club with us and go back to live in caves. It would actually save a lot of mortgage money, n'est pas? Well, something to consider... I wonder.
  • Our charismatic dear Minister of Defense Paulo Portas (head for the beautiful and christian/conservative party Democratic and Social Centre – People's Party) also quit! Marvelous! But then he regretted quitting. What a shame. It is okay, dear Portas, our beloved Prime Minister Passos Coelho will come up with a new position for you: Vice-Prime Minister. Better? You bet. Cry not. Now let's go back in time for a bit... When was it the last time we had a vice prime minister was from 1983 to 1985, in Mário Soares government, and what a great government that was! *Irony* I was not born in the time, but fortunately I can read and hear older people talking.
  • Last, but not least, the most lovely man alive in Portugal, dear Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho stated that everything's alright! No political crisis! Well, he really took a weight off my chest, now I can sleep calmer! Thanks a lot! The same goes to our dearest President, which was a very talented prime minister for a decade! (1985 - 1995) who also states everything is alright! Who are we, the powerless people to doubt of you, sir? Look at his smile, he really looks happy and everything is okay, so I guess I can be happy too. *yay*   
President of Banana Republic (oops, Portuguese Republic) Cavaco Silva 

No more ironies now. Really, I would love to know why is our agriculture barely alive?
Portugal has a great weather and soil, and hardworking people to work it, so why does it not work? Oh, I just remember government keeps on cutting subsidies given to agriculture farmers. I knew several that had wine plantations, and they have disadvantage doing so, they do it for passion. Don't you get it, stupid politicians  some portuguese don't work because they can't AFFORD to work!! 
Portugal could export a LOT of products, like wine, olive oil, olives, preserved tuna, preserved sardines, cheese and the list of good quality products goes on forever. Although, when I travel, for example, Japan, I wandered in the Mediterranean food section. Lots of products from Spain, the most of them. Portugal, none. Why? Why is this? I just can't understand. 
What I think is that the portuguese could be a really more united people. It would make things a lot easier. Someone who really loves Portugal, not false patriots like 99% of people who claim themselves as conservative patriots. Yes, because blaming the legalization of gay marriage and immigrants will change our country really fast!
Now, the greatest problem, as the title suggests, is corruption  The government is so crooked that I still wonder if European Union believes portuguese government? Really, are they that blind? Oh, they just don't know how is the portuguese act! 
There are many portuguese people needing help, it would be really necessary for governors to see that. Well, they see but they just look away, like the portuguese saying goes: "Worst than being blind is the one who does not wish to see".

Now you could reasonably ask me: "So, why are you in Finland and not in Portugal? Why not to try to fight for a better country instead of going away?" and I will happily answer:
I generally never give up. But when I do, I really do. Unfortunately I gave up Portugal, my home country. I just don't care anymore. Correction: I care, from afar.

But as long as there is heat and beaches are full, everything's okay, right?...     

As an HUGE off topic I want to thank my cousin Sandra and my aunt Ivone for the birthday surprise, thanks a lot for coming here, will welcome you both with open arms and a lot of "saudade"!

Oh! Tomorrow is my fiancee Laura birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU BABE!!! ;D Mina Rakastan sinua! 

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Have a great day and blessed be!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Return to the blogosphere!

Greetings Earthlings!

For longer than one year I have been neglecting my poor blog. Life was just too fast sometimes, too painfully slow other times. The thought of "tomorrow I am sure I will do it, I will feel better to do it!" never really got out of my busy and confused mind, but it actually never happened. 

It seems that lately, I choosen all wrong paths on my life, exept one: Going abroad.
I am currently living in Espoo, Finland, and to be sincere, I never felt more happy, in spite of being far away from my loved ones. I am incomplete but I still can feel happiness. Now I can understeand how living isolated and bad moments can destroy everything in ourselves: good will, positive attitude, even undestroyable friendships. At the first glace, it looks like everything's gone, that we are living in an empty and cold dark castle, but, at a second and deeper glance, later, we discover that those things were not really gone, but just hiding from our unispired and tired glance. 

After a lot of thinking about what to do with our future, we looked like mice trapped in a cage. Certain destructive people really almost achieved their goal. We were literally trapped. But we called it a day and gave up. Gave up being around those destructive people, gave up being exploited in a job that was filled with ignorance, gave up being the mice we turned in. No more. It was more than enough and my faith in humanity was almost lost. But then again, life is rather surprising and on the next couple of months I and my dearest mother Odete had two one way tickets to Helsinki! Risky, I know, but compairing to what we have been through last few years, what the hell, why not? Our life was as bad is it can get and to reach a fulfilling life and happiness we need to make risky choices. May 2nd was the schedualled day. We went away, leaving loved ones behind.

It was a rough trip, with lots of turbulence ( I mean literally!), but we finally got here, with our luggage broken and sick. At midnight we arrived to Helsinki Vantaa Airport and met Laura, a dear friend. I was really happy to meet her and she was really a sweetheart for bringing cat litter sand! Thank you for that one!!

Then went by taxi to Lilja's place. Lilja is my boss here, she gave me an opportunity to show what I value, something that no one in my own country ever did, and that hurts. Makes me think that in Portugal people are really very scared to risk anything, they are too destructive. Of course not all people are like that, I met here some portuguese people that are something else! Really nice people. Well, perhaps was my bad luck while living in Portugal not to cross paths with such nice people.
Talking about Lilja, she is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Period. 
She is a politician, she is a spectacular designer, she has a very good english and japanese, she is beautiful and she has quite an extraordinary personality. She is also an amazing cooker! How can someone do so many things at the same time and still be perfect doing it all? Well, I really don't know, but the answer is: Lilja Tamminen! 

I also want to thank to my friend Arto, who is really a sweet and fun person! He really helped me a lot and still does! Helps me feel confortable and at home here in Finland, he is such a bright and very intelligent person! I look up to him!

Last but not least, at all, is my karate sensei Tiago Pedroso. He is one of the best people I have ever met. I feel proud that we can hang out and learn karate with him! He also gave us a chance to feel at home here, not feeling so alone and to exercise!! He is also a person I personally admire, Obrigada! His girlfriend Matleena is also a very beautiful and heart-warming young girl, I really thank all this people for helping me here!

Perhaps many people don't get it, but just some kind words of support and advice and a felt hearted smile can help a lot. At least for me, it does. 

Thank you all, my friends!

I also want to say to my friends and family in Portugal that I miss them like hell, thank you for the support!
This post is getting too long and boring for the reader, so, I will leave the "thank you's" for now, in spite of having more people that I still want to thank to!

I do not have a photograph machine, and it's very sad I cannot get to share with you all the beauty I've been seeing all this days. I really love the nature beauty of this country, I think people are really nice and warm, lot's of beautiful smiles! I have always been a positive person, but sometimes I just could not help but being gloomy. Here there is a strange spark in the air that pulls me out from sadness and makes me act very positive, which makes me very happy! I hope Arto can give me the pictures he took of us, when he develops his film! (Yes, analog photography rules guys!!)

I will try on the next post not being so dull and deep, will try to explore the fun side of somethings that happen to me on a daily basis! I will now keep updating my blog!

I hope Ella does too, because I really miss to read her posts, and she is also living abroad, in Madrid, and I would love to hear more things via blog! From what we have been talking, she has some fun material to do lots of interesting posts. So I will keep hoping for "The Puppet Show" to return!

Thanks everyone, I hope you have a very nice Sunday!

Cheers and Blessed be!

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Monday, 17 October 2011

Versailles Concert Review

Greetings Earthlings!

First of all, as I promised, I will write the review for Versailles concert!
I attended to Versailles Madrid concert, on the 4th October 2011 (holy grail european tour).

The concert was amazing! Versailles Spanish Street Team made a very good work with numbered tickets, we got the 200 - 205. Entering the venue was quite fast and easy because of this proccess. So, as a public member I thank the spanish street team for this proccess, otherwise it would be a bit rough, like in every concert when everyone tries to get in at the same time to go to the front row. The show started not much after the public entered. 
The members entered on stage, one by one, with the intro we are used to, while we sing along "WE ARE VERSAILLES"! 
Then, of course, first song was MASQUERADE. I noticed right away that the sound arrangement was a little poor, but got really emotional over seeing Versailles again, and MASQUERADE is such a perfect song to begin! Then it was ASCENDEAD MASTER which is one of my personal favourites... It kinda makes me remind Jasmine Yuu, I think we all, Versailles fans feel his presence watching the band from above... Then Kamijo talked with the audience in a good MC, I think his english has improved a lot! Then, it was time to play Judicial Noir and Thanatos followed. Then, the boys went out of stage for a bit. After a short break they came back to play Destiny - The Lovers - which almost made my cry, soberb performance and perfect song <3.
Then the band left the stage again. Afterwards Kamijo came back alone, to sing Love will be born again, was a very touching and beautiful performance. 
Then, they played Threshold and DRY ICE SCREAM followed. Then another MC, and, started playing my absolute favourite song, Libido. Loved Kamijo dancing xD
They ended the first part with Vampire and The Red Carpet Day. The band left the stage and we all yelled "Encore"!
They came back to play Remember Forever, and of course, Philia! I specially enjoyed the performances of this two songs, absolutely gorgeus! Then, they went away again, and of course, came back to play The Revenant Choir!
In my opinion, the concert was perfect dispite the poor sound quality. 
After the show, we got out of the venue to queue again, for the meet and greet. I was really nervous at the handshaking but Versailles are really sweethearts. At the end, thanks to Mayumi, the portuguese street team and the spanish roses could meet Versailles! It was really unforgetting experience... I am really happy I could finally meet! 
Sorry if my review is kinda poor, it happens I am rather sick with a flu at home, so my brain is not really functioning fully.
If someone who attented the concert have some correction to make, please feel free and tell me! 
I want to credit the awesome Spanish Street Team for I seen the setlist on their Twitter. Thank you!!

It's all by now! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

New motivation! WE ARE VERSAILLES!

Greetings earthlings!

It's been several months without posting in my almost abandoned blog.
To be sincere, we have been struggling a bit here with our new life... It's been a bit difficult to get on our feet but it's all worthy.

Me and dearest Ella in the queue for the concert!

Between switching jobs, new job interviews, tours all around the city to find a new job, finally we got a very "mini" vacations! 
It was a bliss admist tough days! 
I can't explain how great, how awesome it was meeting the band! Been dreaming about this for years and finally I got to meet them, and got a marvellous big and sweet hug from Hizaki! (*w*)

Our 5 star crew! Visual Jam & Portuguese Versailles Street Team! <3

Well this will be a quite rapid post, so, it's just to express my happiness to whom wants to read it! I was really missing having a good time with my friends and an excelent concert! 

I will write a review soon enough about the awesome concert! 

I deeply thank Mayumi, Versailles and the Spanish Street Team. The spanish roses were very good professionals and were so nice! Thank you so much!! We are Versailles!

Our shoes in the airport 2 o'clock in the morning! We were so tired. Heh~

~ Oyasumi nasai ~

Monday, 4 July 2011

Good Will Towards Each Other?

Greetings Earthlings!

Somehow, it's a strange feeling to be back to the blogosphere again... As I referred in my last post, I was living admist a tortuous storm, that is finally over. Now that I am living in Gaia, I have been thinking about the way things happened and why. I thought, thought and thought (quoting BaRu,,) and I realized I was living in a well... A well of shades. I felt I was drowning in a cold, abandoned and dark place, and the ones who witnessed that and tried to help the most was Ella and BaRu,,. I really want to thank them, from the bottom of my heart, for they are the best friends anyone can have... Miss you guys more than ever, it's almost unbearable no to see you everyday like we used to.
Having the parents divorcing is never an easy issue, but my experience was really troublesome and sad, thanks to my father. Blaming me for the divorce and not talking to me was a really sad choice but I cannot do anything related to that, I just have to let this dwell in the past and forget.
Anyhow, the thing I will talk in today's post is what shocked me the most amongst all this changeling: The selfishness and egoistic behaviour of some people.

Once again I wonder "What's wrong with humanity?"
Where is the pure love? Good will toward each other? Where is helping without expecting nothing in return? Why must we love someone thinking about material things? We live in a disposable world, and people are slowly becoming disposable too. I am aware that money is one of the most important things in one's life, for we, unfortunatly can't live without it, if you want to live with dignity of course... But, I can't seem to agree with extremes. People seem to think now a days that money is everything, and that everything is buyable. Wrong. So wrong. Where are the values we must have as human beings? Humanity seem to have forgotten about that we are the only rational animal. Honestly, I think even a cat is becoming more rational that most people I know. I hope someday people realize that they can't eat money, for their own sakes. Sincerely, I think there is no future for us, because men kind has destroyed everything we had that was good. I am a proudly pagan, and harmony, helping each other and uniterested love are my main goals, as I try the most living by those patterns. I can say I am different from most people, what about you? 

I want to leave now all the bitterness behing, because I am starting my own healing proccess here, but I still want to thank a lot to the few people who helped me with a kind word. 
I finally feel happy, calm, and finally feel like I have a home to return to, not being unwelcomed on somebody's else place. 

What is your opinion about the evolution of men kind? 

Thank you for reading, and I want to apologize my readers for the long absence.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Dies Irae

photo taken in Arrábida 

Greetings Earthlings!

I have been away from sometime now, been extra busy and these days left in me kind of a bittersweet taste. First of all, I want to deeply thank Ella for doing my blog's newest "make-up", it's really amazing, thank you so so much!

I am really tired and fed up with the life I am taking here, between days that have been a living nightmare I find my haven with my best friends, Kiaiku, Odete, Ella and BaRu,,. Thank you guys for these amazing days you are giving me, in order to escape inner and outter chaos.

Soon, soon enough I think I will be able to break this chains and be happy again, fully happy and move on with my life. Parents divorcing is somehow complicated for children, even if we are adults... Even more when one of the parents think you are the one to blame for everything.

Yesterday was BaRu,,'s birthday, a very happy and exciting day! I hope we can celebrate together all of your birthdays!! He had two cakes and much much attention from all of us!
We had dinner together on a very cozy restaurant and went drinking in a pub, here in Setúbal, in spite of being simple, it was great time together!

I promise to my special one that I will be always with him, and support him achieving his goals and dreams... and yes, you will have you special guitar! <3 

Despite this "Dies Irae", I thank the gods I have the strenght and the love from this amazingly beautiful people that I can, thankfully call friends and family! 

In sum, I LOVE YOU GUYS! <3

photo: Me & Ella

Mata Ne!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Got Better Indeed!

Greetings Earthlings!

 picture: Beautiful postcard and Dahlias my dearest friend Aiko offered me!

It's been a month since my surgery, and I surely got better! I spent three days on the clinic, had a very nice room and nice nurses, but still, was a very rough time. Unable to find one suitable vein with a kind large syringe to pour the anesthesia, nurses did an horrible job trying to do that, so, in the end I ended up with several bruises on my hands, wrists and arms. A whole month after, my hands still hurt when touched.

I have to thank from the bottom of my heart to my dearest friends and family for the support. I have to thank my family for supporting all the process I was constantly in nausea on the clinic, my mother, who was with me the whole three days, I cannot ever find words to thank you enough. I also have to thank Kiaiku, Ella and Baru who visited me everyday! Last, but not least, I want to thank Aiko, Isis and Pikii for being so kind and visit me when I was home, but still really sore, and giving a cute postcard with such kind words written, and those beautiful Dahlias I love so dearly. We have no idea of how many neck muscles we move to do things as sit, lay down or get up. I had to learn how to do it without forcing my neck muscles, using my arms and legs only, it was kinda rough. In spite of what people said to me, the after surgery was really painful and difficult. I vomited all the time, barely could swallow, so, no eating for several days, nausea, neck and back hurt.

Well, but now I am almost 100% restored and I started losing some weight, which is good.
Best of all, I got my get well gift from BaRu,, the single "Yume Kagari" by Brother, so, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kiaiku is doing support guitar for Karuniiru this two gigs, so, please, on Febuary 26th, saturday, please come to their gig on Revolver Bar in Cacilhas, it's a contest, and the winner will get to play in Spain! I hope to see you all there!

So, at last, the return of those who never left, Visual Jam!
We will be trowing a "jukebox" party on March 12th, Saturday, so, people, make your requests on Visual Jam facebook page, here:

Only 19 likes? Come on people!! Also, I want to see more requests!

My Dahlias are still alive, me and my mother are taking good care of it, so it won't wither anytime soon!

My new addiction:

I love Kuroyume so much! <3