Monday, 5 August 2013

The greatest problem...

Greetings Earthlings!

Today I am going to talk about my home country Portugal. Not only bad things, as I usually do, because I am not that blind, though I have my reasons to do so. 
I have been following Portugal news, and as usual, it does not stop mesmerizing me. Let's topic the last events:
  • Minister of Finances Gaspar quit his position. Good. What took you so long? Then, I red some disturbing news that, according to journalists, might have something to do with this sudden quit: He and his wife were shopping and got spitted by some people who were also in the same supermarket. What? Really?? What's wrong with you people? Do you think spitting on the face of the minister would actually resolve anything? Well, apparently it did. So, we, humble portuguese people should carry a club with us and go back to live in caves. It would actually save a lot of mortgage money, n'est pas? Well, something to consider... I wonder.
  • Our charismatic dear Minister of Defense Paulo Portas (head for the beautiful and christian/conservative party Democratic and Social Centre – People's Party) also quit! Marvelous! But then he regretted quitting. What a shame. It is okay, dear Portas, our beloved Prime Minister Passos Coelho will come up with a new position for you: Vice-Prime Minister. Better? You bet. Cry not. Now let's go back in time for a bit... When was it the last time we had a vice prime minister was from 1983 to 1985, in Mário Soares government, and what a great government that was! *Irony* I was not born in the time, but fortunately I can read and hear older people talking.
  • Last, but not least, the most lovely man alive in Portugal, dear Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho stated that everything's alright! No political crisis! Well, he really took a weight off my chest, now I can sleep calmer! Thanks a lot! The same goes to our dearest President, which was a very talented prime minister for a decade! (1985 - 1995) who also states everything is alright! Who are we, the powerless people to doubt of you, sir? Look at his smile, he really looks happy and everything is okay, so I guess I can be happy too. *yay*   
President of Banana Republic (oops, Portuguese Republic) Cavaco Silva 

No more ironies now. Really, I would love to know why is our agriculture barely alive?
Portugal has a great weather and soil, and hardworking people to work it, so why does it not work? Oh, I just remember government keeps on cutting subsidies given to agriculture farmers. I knew several that had wine plantations, and they have disadvantage doing so, they do it for passion. Don't you get it, stupid politicians  some portuguese don't work because they can't AFFORD to work!! 
Portugal could export a LOT of products, like wine, olive oil, olives, preserved tuna, preserved sardines, cheese and the list of good quality products goes on forever. Although, when I travel, for example, Japan, I wandered in the Mediterranean food section. Lots of products from Spain, the most of them. Portugal, none. Why? Why is this? I just can't understand. 
What I think is that the portuguese could be a really more united people. It would make things a lot easier. Someone who really loves Portugal, not false patriots like 99% of people who claim themselves as conservative patriots. Yes, because blaming the legalization of gay marriage and immigrants will change our country really fast!
Now, the greatest problem, as the title suggests, is corruption  The government is so crooked that I still wonder if European Union believes portuguese government? Really, are they that blind? Oh, they just don't know how is the portuguese act! 
There are many portuguese people needing help, it would be really necessary for governors to see that. Well, they see but they just look away, like the portuguese saying goes: "Worst than being blind is the one who does not wish to see".

Now you could reasonably ask me: "So, why are you in Finland and not in Portugal? Why not to try to fight for a better country instead of going away?" and I will happily answer:
I generally never give up. But when I do, I really do. Unfortunately I gave up Portugal, my home country. I just don't care anymore. Correction: I care, from afar.

But as long as there is heat and beaches are full, everything's okay, right?...     

As an HUGE off topic I want to thank my cousin Sandra and my aunt Ivone for the birthday surprise, thanks a lot for coming here, will welcome you both with open arms and a lot of "saudade"!

Oh! Tomorrow is my fiancee Laura birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU BABE!!! ;D Mina Rakastan sinua! 

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Have a great day and blessed be!

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